This month’s GOGO acknowledgment goes to Elicia Estime, a.k.a. “E.” Elicia moved to Brooklyn, New York after graduating from the Miami Edison Guitars Over Guns program. She just finished her first year at Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School with honors, and has made a reputation for herself as an emcee amongst her peers.

In her own words:

“It all started in my studio production class that when I first started rapping in my class, then the audition for ‘World Up’ was when this really blew off. After my audition, random people in my school started asking me to rap for them or would randomly try and rap bars for me like I was some type of record label or something but it was crazy. Then when I preformed for the school I got all the respect as a rapper, from my peers to even my teachers. I was known as ‘E’ the rapper from Miami.”

Check out E’s music on SoundCloud!